Carpet Protection

When something spills on a carpet without a protection, the fibers absorb the liquid which creates stubborn stains and odour. The main benefit of a carpet protection is to protect the carpet fiber from absorbing the mess. Carpet protection prevents the carpet from wearing and tearing because it protects the carpet from direct feet traffic.

The following are some of the benefits of using carpet protection

It is easy to Clean

It is easier to clean a carpet with protection because dirt does not come into direct contact with the carpet. The protection can be changed and cleaned more often than cleaning the carpet. It helps to restore the carpet into looking new and clean. This will help to fulfill homeowner’s desires of keeping the carpet clean and neat.

Your Carpet is More Hygienic with a Carpet Protection

Your household shampoo and detergents are good for regular cleaning and avoiding carpet odour. However, they do not eliminate germs that hibernate in the carpets. These germs keep accumulating and can cause respiratory infection and other allergic infections. This is why you need to install carpet protection that will prevent the harboring of such allergens.  

Allergens will be easily removed

Allergens is a concern for many homeowners because once the carpet is not well cleaned, it can harbor allergens such as germs and bacteria. These allergens highly contribute to asthma attacks and other respiratory infections. No matter how frequent you vacuum your carpet, it can never get rid of all the allergens. A professional cleaner can eliminate all allergens because they know what products to use to disinfect your home.

Longevity of your Carpet is Extended

In addition to choosing suitable detergents and shampoos for your carpet, carpet protection measures are significant. Every carpet needs special attention depending on the type of fabric. If you use any type of detergent for your carpet, it might end up tearing or wearing out. This is not want you want for your carpet because it is a huge investment. Always but a protection covers for your carpet and rugs. Therefore, you will use your carpet in good condition for long before considering replacement.

Stubborn Stains Protection

Before stubborn stains reach your carpet, they will be absorbed by the carpet protection. It can be difficult to eliminate all stains through your daily carpet cleaning routine. That is why it will be easier to clean or change the carpet protection rather than buying a new carpet.  In addition, household detergents are not sufficient enough to remove the stains, especially the stubborn stains such as ink and red wine spills. But our professional cleaners will be able to remove all stains from your carpet.

Bedbugs and Dust Mites will be Repelled

Dust particles easily accumulate on the carpet because of the nature of the fabric to attract dust. With the carpet protection, they will not be able to accumulate on the surface because the protector repels the microbes. Since it is challenging to pick up these small and tiny animals, consider working with us. Our staff are experts in removing the bedbugs and dust mites completely from your carpet protector and disinfect it such that it will repel the dust mites and bedbugs.

Reduces Effects of Foot Traffic

Areas covered with rugs such as living rooms, kitchens, and hallways wear and tear faster than rugs in washrooms and bedrooms. This is because, the higher the traffic, the higher rate of dirt accumulation. With the carpet protection, it reduces the feet friction hence minimize wearing and tearing. Rugs in high traffic areas appear darker than those in bathrooms and washrooms. Therefore, the benefit of carpet protection is to eliminate the accumulated dirt and reduce the effects of high traffic. Removing dirt restores the fabric and makes the rug appear brighter and clean.

Additional Floor Protection

Rugs need regular care and protection service because they protect the floor from direct high traffic. Rugs need regular maintenance and carpet protection increase the longevity of the floors. This means the floors will be protected from wearing out. Replacing the floors is more expensive than getting a new quality rug. Even when you plan to resale your home, it will still have value because the floors will be intact.

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