Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service

Dry carpet and rug cleaning is one of the modern ways of cleaning home and office carpets because it is highly advantageous. Dry cleaning is the use of steam to clean rugs and carpets. The vapor is usually heated in a cleaning machine that is similar to a vacuum cleaner. The heating temperatures are high which helps to remove dirt and disinfect the carpet. This helps to remove any accumulated debris within the rug fabric.

Advantages of Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaning.

Quick Drying Hence Suitable during Cold Seasons

A carpet that has not dried is not suitable for a house because it will promote growth of molds and bacteria. In addition, it will make a room damp. It affects the suitability of a home because no one prefers to live in a damp environment. With dry cleaning, it leaves the carpet clean and dry. It collects moisture and since it does not use water, it makes it more advantageous. You do not have to spend three days without a carpet simply because you are airing it out to dry.

It removes Dirt and Stubborn Stains

The heated steam weakens the bonds that make stains and dirt attached to the carpet fiber. Once the bonds are weakened, it becomes easier to eliminate dirt and stains. The method of using a brush and detergent is not effective because it does not remove all dirt and stains. It also makes the carpet appear dull and dirty. You need to start considering carpet steaming method because it is highly effective in cleaning deep layers of dirt and is more thorough than shampooing.

Good at Removing Mites and Bacteria

Mold, dust mites, bacteria and fungus thrive well in carpets and rugs because they are hardly removed from the house. The state of a carpet staying at one position attracts all these fungus and bacteria. Using shampoo and cleaning detergent may not eliminate these creatures. With steam cleaning, it kills mites, bacteria, fungus and eliminates molds. The steam is usually heated at very high temperatures and not bacteria of fungus can survive. With carpet and rug steaming you are assured of getting clean and sanitized carpet. This makes it suitable for children to play without fear of any respiratory infection.

Eradicates Pollutants

People believe that regular shampooing and cleaning of rugs removes all pollutants. Some forget that the shampoos may not be environmentally friendly hence may contain CFCs and other pollutants. Such residuals can skin irritation and bacterial infection. With rug steaming, no residuals and the method is CFCs free because it uses vaporized water. This makes it suitable for homes because it sterilizes any chemicals or dirt debris and leaves your carpet clean and fresh.

Rug Fabric id Protected

Brushing and scrubbing of the carpets weakens fabric and increases wearing and tearing rate. It also affects the original organization of the fabrics. This is why you should consider carpet steaming because it protects the fabric from wearing out and protects the color. Regular scrubbing can cause fading of the carpet color especially when you use bleaching agents to remove stubborn stains. Rug steaming is highly beneficial because as it protects the fiber it increases the durability of the carpet. It is an efficient way of keeping the carpet clean and maintains its original appearance.

Improves Air Quality

A clean and steamed carpet guarantees quality air circulation because it has not dust particles and bacteria. We use modern methods such as carpet steaming that helps to sanitize the carpet and to remove any bacteria. It helps to achieve healthier home environment that is free from allergens and bacterial infections.

Dry Cleaning is a Sanitizer/Disinfection

Carpet sanitization is the process of removing germs and microbes from the carpet and preventing their possible growth. It is highly recommendable to sanitize your carpet because it is highly susceptible to bacteria and microbe growth. One of the main ways we use to sanitize carpets is the carpet steaming process. The other one is using sanitizing cleaning liquids. Sanitization reduces risks of infections to children because they are always playing on the carpet. The benefit of working with us is that you will get 100% sanitized carpet and the fabric of the carpet will be protected from wear and tear.

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