How Clean is your carpet?

Are you aware that carpets can hold dirt four times heavier than their weight? Carpets trap dirt such as pet hair, dust mites, bacteria, dust, dead skin cells, mould, pet/children urine, and insects among others. A dirty carpet can lead to health issues among people using the carpet. This is why it is crucial to regularly clean the carpet. You also need a professional to be cleaning your carpet as well to remove all bacteria, pests, stubborn stains, bacteria, and mould.

Bacteria can leave up to 4 weeks in a carpet and the bacteria is likely to get into the food. This means bacteria infection is more likely to occur in children and pets because they are directly into contact with the carpet.

Research has shown that many people accept that they walk on the carpet wearing outdoor shoes. This habit makes the carpet to be dirty and cannot be cleaned by regular vacuuming. Other people have admitted that they move furniture to cover stains instead of cleaning them.

Cons of Vacuuming

It is significant to have regular vacuuming but it is also limited. Vacuuming does not eliminate bacteria and dirt that is trapped in the carpet fabric. Also, the air that blows out of the vacuum has an element of fine dust particles that can cause respiratory infection. This means, if the carpet is dirty, it will affect the quality of air and can also cause a bad smell. This is why you should consider hiring a specialist to clean and treat your carpet.

Here are facts about how dirty your carpet might be.

Carpets easily attract Dirt

A carpet attracts greasy residues from your house and locks it in the carpet fibers. With time, your carpet becomes dull and start to flatten. If not cleaned, it can become permanent and hard to remove.

Soil Particles

As much as most people are encouraged to leave shoes outside, there are a few who still walk on the carpet with their outdoor shoes. This increases the chance for soil particles to accumulate in the carpet and increase the tear and wear.

Germs and Bacteria

Your carpet does a good job of trapping fungi, bacteria, pollen grains, chemicals, and smokes. These allergens and bacteria stay longer in the carpet and can be transferred from one person to another. Allergens can cause asthma attacks and bacteria can cause infections

Allergy, Asthma, and Eczema

Carpets form a good environment for dust mites and allergic substances. The allergens can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, and eczema. The possible solution to these health effects is to clean and treat the carpets regularly. This can be achieved by hiring professionals.

After having an understanding of how dirty your carpet can be, it is important to hire experts to clean your carpet and eliminate allergens, bacteria, dust mite, mould, and stubborn stain. Your carpet will become cleaner and safe. Also, your house will have a good quality of air circulating in and out.

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