Persian Rugs Cleaning – 12 Tips for your perusal

Persian rugs are elegant and full of artistry work that improves the aesthetic appeal in the house. Among other types of rugs, Persians rugs need a high level of maintenance to keep it clean and durable.

Here, we will discuss 12 useful tips for Persian rugs cleaning that will be of great benefit to you.

1.      Vacuum the Rugs

This is one of the easiest cleaning tips because you can do it regularly. All you need is to buy a good vacuum cleaner suitable for the Persian rugs. This will help to protect the fibers of the carpet and prevent shrinkage of the fiber

2.      Buy new Filters and Bags

Consider regular replacement of filters and bags from your vacuum machine for the effective removal of dirt from your carpet. After using the same filter for long, it reduces its effectiveness to collect dirt.

3.      Deep Condition your Carpet

It is highly recommendable to treat your carpet twice a year to remove microbes, bacteria, moulds, and stubborn stains. Consequently, you will keep off the bacteria, microbes and dust mites from attacking your carpet.

4.      Remove Shoes

Make it a habit for everyone to leave the shoes at the door. Walking with shoes in the house increases the rate of dirt accumulation and will wear down the carpet fabric very fast.

5.      Use Best Cleaning Products

Using bad cleaning products can highly reduce the longevity of your carpet. Some cleaning products can bleach your carpet making look unattractive.

6.      Understand how to clean different Stains

All stains are not cleaned the same way. This is what causes the carpet to have a bad smell and terrible stains. It is important to understand the type of stain so that to know what to use.

7.      Have an Emergency Carpet Kit

When you hear about an emergency kit, you will think about first aid of fainting or any other health concern. It should have an effective stain remover, club soda, shaving cream, ice cubes to remove chewing gum, hydrogen peroxide, and dishwasher detergent.

8.      Attend to Stains quickly

The majority of people make a mistake of ignoring the stain and attend to it later. What happens is that the stain sticks into the fiber of the carpet and becomes difficult to remove.

9.      Regular Carpet Treatment

Most homeowners do not consider carpet treatment significant. As a result, dust, bacteria, allergens, and moulds accumulate in the carpet and cause respiratory infection.

10.  Work with professionals

Most homeowners end up hiring poor professionals because they offer low carpet cleaning services. This is a mistake because they may lack quality tools and end up affecting your fabric.

11.  Work with the best Experts

Hire the right professionals so that you can get maximum carpet cleaning benefits with no regrets. Best experts have the best customer reviews.

12.  Do not use bleaching agents

Persian rugs are highly decorative. If you use bleaching agents, they might affect the colors of the rug. This makes it have white spots hence make the rug unattractive. Clean with mild detergents.

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