Removing Stubborn Stains with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great hack for removing stubborn stains. Baking soda only needs to be mixed with water in a ration of 2 is to 1 where two is baking soda and one is warm water. Mix the content in a bowl and apply the paste of the stained part of the carpet. Baking soda is effective because it loosens the stain from the carpet fabric.

Here are some tips to remove stubborn stains with baking soda.

How to deal with Smelly Stains

Baking soda is effective to deal with smell stains because it kills the odour. Pouring baking soda powder on a surface helps to treat bad odour and to remove stains. Stains usually attract bad smells because the content can start stinking. Before using your normal cleaning products, it is important to use baking soda before doing your regular cleaning to remove the odour

How to Remove Blood Stains with Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water to make the baking soda paste. Then apply on the blood stain and allow it to sit for at least 60 minutes. It will help remove the stain and since the baking soda has a whitening ability, it will remove the stain perfectly.

Fruit and Wine Stains

These stains need to be attended to immediately. This is because if they stay on the carpet fabric for long they become stubborn and difficult to remove. Apply the baking soda paste on the stain and let it sit for an hour then wipe off the stain. Baking soda also absorbs water molecules so it can be used to remove moisture from the carpet.

Vomit Stain

It can be challenging to deal with vomit stains. If not attended to quickly it can lead to bad smell. So as you are dealing with the stain, you are also dealing with the bad smell. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface to absorb moisture and bad smell. Then apply the baking soda paste to remove the vomit stain.

Use Best Cleaning Products

Using bad cleaning products can highly reduce the longevity of your carpet. Some cleaning products can bleach your carpet making look unattractive. Always use recommended cleaning products for your carpet. You can get more information from an expert to get the best results.

Know how to deal with different Stains

All stains are not handled the same way. This is what causes the carpet to have a bad smell and terrible stains. It is important to understand the type of stain so that to know what to use. For instance, urine requires mild detergent, coffee needs white vinegar and hot water, vomit needs baking soda or ammonia, and mud needs warm water, detergent, and white vinegar.

Hire Experienced Carpet Cleaners

Most homeowners end up hiring poor professionals because they offer low carpet cleaning services. This is a mistake because they may lack quality tools and end up affecting your fabric. Before hiring an expert, carry out background research on their experience and how they have been carrying out previous jobs. 

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