Cinema and Auditorium Carpet Cleaning Service

Mites are a major concern for many cinema hall owners because once the carpet is not well cleaned, it can harbor allergens such as germs and bacteria. These allergens highly contribute to asthma attacks and other infections. No matter how frequent you vacuum your carpet, it can never get rid of all the allergens. Consequently, Cinemas and auditoriums have high foot traffic because many people visit the facility daily hence germs accumulation becomes inevitable. These germs keep accumulating and can cause respiratory infection and other allergic infections. This is why you need to hire professionals because they have the right equipment that can disinfect and sanitize the carpet.

The following are reasons as to why you should consider anti dust mite treatment for the cinema and auditorium carpets.

It makes the Cinemas and Auditorium safe from Dust Mites

A hall that is dust free and free from dust mite is healthy. It improves the quality of air circulating in the house. Carpet Cleaning Singapore experts use a special and effective sanitizer to kill the dust mite and eliminate bacteria from the carpet.

It Minimizes Asthma Attacks

Asthma can be triggered by the presence of dust mite that comes as a result of dust accumulation. Once you take long to hire a professional to clean your carpet, it creates room for dust mite accumulation. Once you hire experts to do anti dust mite treatment regularly it removes the dust mite and prevents the mites from hibernating in the carpet

The Treatment eliminates Mites and Bacteria

Mold, dust mites, bacteria and fungus thrive well in carpets and rugs because they are hardly removed from the cinemas. The state of a carpet staying in one position attracts all these fungus and bacteria. Using shampoo and cleaning detergent may not eliminate these creatures. Anti dust mite treatment kills mites, bacteria, fungus and eliminates molds. With carpet and rug treating you are assured of getting the clean and sanitized carpet.

Removes Pollutants

People believe that regular shampooing and cleaning of rugs remove all pollutants. Some forget that the shampoos may not be environmentally friendly hence may contain CFCs and other pollutants. Such residuals can skin irritation and bacterial infection. With carpet anti dust mite treatment, no residuals and the method is CFCs free because it uses treated water.

Protects the Rug Fabric

Brushing and scrubbing of the carpets weaken the fabric and increases the wearing and tearing rate. It also affects the original organization of the fabrics. This is why you should consider carpet treating because it protects the fabric from wearing out and protects the color. Regular scrubbing can cause fading of the carpet color especially when you use bleaching agents to remove stubborn stains. Rug dust mite treatment is highly beneficial because as it protects the fiber it increases the durability of the carpet. It is an efficient way of keeping the carpet clean and maintains its original appearance.

Improves Air Quality

A clean and treated carpet guarantees quality air circulation because it has no dust particles and bacteria. We use modern methods such as carpet chemical treating that helps to sanitize the carpet and to remove any bacteria. It helps to achieve a healthier cinema hall environment that is free from allergens and bacterial infections.

Removes Microbes

Carpet anti dust mite treatment is the process of removing germs and microbes from the carpet and preventing their possible growth. It is highly recommendable to treat your carpet because it is highly susceptible to bacteria and microbe growth. One of the main ways we use to sanitize carpets is the anti dust mite treatment process. The other one is using sanitizing cleaning liquids. The benefit of working with us is that you will get 100% treated carpet and the fabric of the carpet will be protected from wear and tear.

Anti Dust Mite Increases Longevity of the Carpet

Accumulated fine dust particles, stains, and microbes wear down the carpet fiber. Since the carpet is susceptible to high traffic, dust accumulation is high. If cleaning is not done well, you will need to replace your carpet most often because wear and tear are high.

Our staffs have the most modern cleaning equipment and methods that will remove stains and any form of dirt. This will make the cinema and auditorium carpet last longer. Contact us today!

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