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Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is more than just a floor covering. Therefore, it requires proper care and cleaning because pets, children and people frequently sit on the floor. It is dirty and has developed bacteria; it may lead to bacterial infection. In addition, a carpet that has stain is not good looking. Every homeowner or office owner loves carpets that are free from stains. Sometimes accidents do happen and the food or drinks may spill on the floor. That is why you need to hire professionals for carpet cleaning services.

Rug Cleaning

Brushing and scrubbing of the carpets weakens fabric and increases wearing and tearing rate. It also affects the original organization of the fabrics. This is why you should consider rug cleaning because it protects the fabric from wearing out and protects the color.

Dry Carpet & Rug Cleaning

A carpet that has not dried is not suitable for a house because it will promote growth of molds and bacteria. In addition, it will make a room damp. It affects the suitability of a home because no one prefers to live in a damp environment.

Carpet and Rug Steaming

This cleaning method is one of the latest technologies of cleaning carpets. It has wonderful results because it evaporates all water used to clean a carpet hence leave it dry. Since the steam is hot, it kills all bacteria and insects in the carpet leaving it clean and sanitized. Regular vacuum cleaning of the carpet is not sufficient to sanitize the carpet. That is why you need to hire professionals. Steam cleaning also kills the possibility for mold to grow because it leaves the carpet dry.

Carpet and Rug Shampoo

Using shampoo is one of the oldest ways of cleaning the carpet. However, the homeowner may not know the best shampoo to pick which may not clean all the stains and may also affect color and texture of the carpet. This is why you need to work with us because we have the best carpet and rug shampoo cleaning that will remove all stubborn stains and still leave your carpet intact. Consequently, the shampoo will not leave any soap residue. Soap residues can deteriorate the carpet once they accumulate for some time.

Carpet Sanitizer

Carpet sanitization is the process of removing germs and microbes from the carpet and preventing their possible growth. It is highly recommendable to sanitize your carpet because it is highly susceptible to bacteria and microbe growth. One of the main ways we use to sanitize carpets is the carpet steaming process.

Carpet Protection

Regular replacement of carpet can be expensive. This is why it is significant to protect your carpet from wear and tear. You need to work with professionals to help you choose the best carpet protector. Adding a carpet protector increases durability because the carpet will be protected from mold, dirt, and water. It makes cleaning easier because the carpet protector can be removed and washed. Spills will not penetrate the carpet making it remain clean and new. The protector also improves appearance and preserves the original color of the carpet.

Anti-dust Mite Treatment

The best way to fight allergens is to remove their originality through anti-dust mite treatment. Our anti-dust mite treatment has a powerful water and active solution that removes all dust mites and prevents them from reoccurring. The benefits of this treatment are that it is environmentally friendly, controls asthma, and is biodegradable.

Chemical Cleaning

It is highly beneficial to work with us for carpet chemical cleaning services. You do not want to get chemical reactions when cleaning your carpet because you hardly know how to use them. To avoid all these, it is important you hire us to do the professional carpet chemical cleaning. We will choose the best product that is human and pet friendly and do a thorough carpet cleaning. Chemical cleaning kills bacteria and microbes, improves quality of air, and makes the carpet gain its original look.

Fabric Wall Cleaning

Fabric wall cleaning services prevents mold from growing and protects your wall from water damage. High humidity creates an environment for mold growth which may damage the wall. Working with the professionals ensures that they dry the wall after cleaning to avoid such occurrences.

Odour Treatment

Odour treatment services improve clean flow of air and minimizes occurrence of bad smell in the house. A clean carpet is human friendly and children will be safe playing on the floor because is clean and sanitized.

Disinfection Treatment

Disinfection reduces risks of infections to children because they are always playing on the carpet. The benefit of working with us is that you will get 100% sanitized carpet and the fabric of the carpet will be protected from wear and tear.

Infection Protection

You require a long lasting infection protection treatment to prevent mite from invading your house. This treatment is important because carpets attract mite is they are not well cleaned and treating. The good news is that our company has the best infection treatment because it can last the lifetime of the carpet. This will save you maintenance cost because of the effectiveness of the infection treatment.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning removes dust and allergens that get in the house through the windows settle on the carpets. Carpet acts as a home filter because it attracts most of the dust and allergens that get into the house. Regular vacuuming the house may make the dust particles to settle beneath the carpet without actually removing them. The accumulation causes irritation and respiratory infection especially for children because they come into direct contact with the carpet when playing.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning services work will take minimal time as possible because we have many professional employees that are experienced. You do not have to overwork yourself with carpet cleaning because it can be overwhelming and you may not wash it well. Consequently, you may not have treatment chemicals to chase away bacteria and insects such as mite. This is why you need to hire professionals for emergency carpet cleaning service.

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