Determining how often To Clean Your Carpets

Cleaning the carpets plays a significant part in maintaining a carpet in your home or at the office. How often to clean a carpet is usually a question for many carpet owners. Sometimes you may not what factors to consider. This is why this article will provide an outline of factors that determine how often to clean your carpet.

1.      Style and Color of the Carpet

Bright colored carpets require intense and regular cleaning to maintain the color. Dull colored carpets do not require much cleaning because the color does not show dirt easily. However, it should not be ignored, it still needs regular vacuuming because dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

2.      Traffic

The amount of foot traffic determines how soon the carpet needs to clean. Carpet in areas such as offices, malls, and supermarkets experience a high level of foot traffic. This means that soil particle accumulation is high. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning is necessary. Carpets in bedrooms may have minimal foot traffic hence require minimal regular cleaning.

3.      Type of the Commercial building

Carpets in areas such as hospitals and clinics need to be regularly cleaned to minimize the accumulation of bacteria and allergens. Cleanliness in hospitals and clinics is significant because such buildings cannot afford to have a dirty carpet. An office building may be cleaned once every 6 months because the traffic may not be much as compared to malls and in restaurants.

4.      Cost of Cleaning

Budgeting is important for every office or homeowner. No one wants to be throwing money every money to a carpet cleaning company because it can be expensive. Therefore, one can decide to budget against the cost of carpet cleaning and decided how often to hire carpet cleaning services.

5.      Children and Pets

If you have children and pets, you might want to consider regular cleaning because they are more likely to get the carpet dirty. Children can mess around with food and other playing materials on the floor and cause dirt and stains. Also, pet and children urine can affect the quality of the carpet hence may require you to regularly clean the carpet. Considering the fact that the carpet harbors dirt and bacteria, regular cleaning is essential to keep the children and the pets safe.

6.      Availability of Cleaning Services

Here in Singapore, carpet cleaning services are readily available. This makes sure that anytime you need the service you can easily get it. If the services are rare in your town, it may limit the number of times you would want to do the carpet cleaning. Sometimes the service providers may not be able to provide the service because they are overwhelmed.

7. Emergencies

Emergencies such as floods and liquid spills will determine how soon you need to clean your carpets. Areas susceptible to floods require emergency cleaning services. Also, food and liquid spills need to be cleaned as soon as they happen to prevent stubborn stains. Regular carpet cleaning makes the carpet clean, attractive and smelling good. 

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