Carpet Odour Removal Treatment

Carpet odour is possible because of the fiber material which attracts and store smell. Since the carpet traps dust, it can trap smell and moisture which can make your house have a dampening odour. Carpet odour has become a common problem among the majority of the homeowners. Sources of carpet odour include unattended stains, molds, dampness, dirt, food and drink spills, and dust accumulation. All these are elements that can be removed during carpet cleaning and odour removal treatment.  

Carpet Odour Treatment

Carpet Cleaning Singapore is expert in Carpet Odour treatment. We have years of experience in removing odours from the carpet and keeping your carpet fresh and smelling nice!

Clean Fresh Stains

Always consider cleaning fresh stains as soon as you notice them. This is because unattended stains end up causing a bad smell. Once you clean the stains, your carpet remains clean and fresh. You need to have solutions that can quickly treat the carpet and maintain them smelling nice. One of the easy solutions is baking soda and water. You can sprinkle the solution on your carpet to get rid of any trapped odour. You can add Borax to the baking soda mix for better results. It is known for odour elimination.

It is highly recommendable to spray the baking soda mixture at night and let it sit until morning. This will allow you to keep pets and children away so that they do not get in touch with the solution. Then in the morning, you can vacuum the mixture and your carpet will stay fresh with no odour.

Use Vinegar or Ammonia

Do not mix these two chemicals. Take a bowl and fill it with ammonia or vinegar and leave it in the room with the carpet overnight. This may not adequately remove the smell but it will help you manage the odour at a minimal expense. Always remember to keep away pets and children because they can drink the solutions.

You can distill vinegar in a steam cleaner (if you have one). Vinegar is an effective cleaner because it is acidic, there it can get rid of bacteria that cause the carpet to smell.

Hire a Professional

All these DIY methods will not remove the odour completely because they are limited. This is why you need to hire us for carpet odour treatment. We will be able to remove all the odour and leave your house with a fresh and good smelling aroma. We have the best equipment and effective odour treatment solutions. Our services are thorough and you will be able to save yourself the work of trying out different solutions to remove carpet odour.

The process of odour treatment will take the shortest time possible to eliminate the smell from your house. You will not need to take out the carpet because we use modern methods such as carpet steaming and dry carpet cleaning. The treatment chemicals will eliminate all allergens, dust mite, and bacteria that cause the carpet to smell. The chemicals will also eliminate any stubborn stains that make carpets stink.

Our carpet odour treatment is most effective because we have been practicing it for many years. Our staff have the best experience and will be able to give the best cleaning service. This will save you from coming into direct contact with chemicals that may lead to skin or eye irritation.

Another advantage of hiring a professional is that they will be able to mix the right solutions that will not affect your carpet. This will help to increase the longevity of your carpet because they will take care of the fabric. Trying out different DIY odour removal methods may end reducing the quality of your carpet hence make it weaker and susceptible to wearing out.

Contact us today and hire our professionals to get the best carpet odour treatment service at the most affordable prices. 

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