10 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Covering your floors with the carpet is one of the best ways of improving the interior décor. Since the carpet accumulates dust particles, microbes, dust mites, and mould, cleaning it regularly is very important. Lack of proper cleaning reduces the lifespan of the employees.

The following are the 10 common carpet cleaning mistakes you must avoid.

Not Vacuuming your Carpet Regularly

Vacuuming once per week is very minimal to keep the carpet clean. This is because carpet traps dust particles every day. So when you do not clean the carpet regularly, the dust particles accumulate and make the carpet to wear out faster. In addition, the carpet will become dull and flattened. If you want a clean carpet, you need to vacuum the carpet daily.

Too much Scrubbing

Too much scrubbing of a stain is a mistake. This is because excess scrubbing makes the fibers weak and reduces the lifespan of the carpet. The best method to remove a stain is to apply a stain remover and scrape it off.

Using Bad Cleaning Products

Using bad cleaning products can highly reduce the longevity of your carpet. Some cleaning products can bleach your carpet making look unattractive. Always use recommended cleaning products for your carpet.

Ignoring Stains

The majority of the people make a mistake of ignoring the stain and attend to it later. What happens is that the stain sticks into the fiber of the carpet and becomes difficult to remove. Once the spill happens, use a cleaner and soak the spot then use a towel to wipe out the stain.

Having Limited Knowledge on how to deal with different Stains

All stains are not handled the same way. This is what causes the carpet to have a bad smell and terrible stains. It is important to understand the type of stain so that to know what to use. For instance, urine requires mild detergent, coffee needs white vinegar and hot water, vomit needs baking soda or ammonia, and mud needs warm water, detergent, and white vinegar.

Poor Cleaning Products

Every carpet has specific cleaning products required and recommended by the manufacturer. A lot of people make a mistake of not understanding the recommended products and end up using the wrong products that reduce the durability of the carpet.

Ignoring Carpet Treatment

Most homeowners do not consider carpet treatment significant. As a result, dust, bacteria, allergens, and moulds accumulate in the carpet and cause respiratory infection. This affects the fabric and starts wearing out faster. Hiring Poor Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

Most homeowners end up hiring poor professionals because they offer low carpet cleaning services. This is a mistake because they may lack quality tools and end up affecting your fabric.

Excess Powders

Using a lot of cleaning powders does not make the carpet clean, it reduces its longevity. It can also affect air quality at home.


Cleaning a carpet is good, but you should not overdo it. It requires a controlled amount of cleaning shampoo to get the best results.

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