Fabric Wall Cleaning

Installation of fabric wall has become popular in many homes because it enhances the interior look of the house. Overtime, the fabric walls collect dust particles and dirt which needs regular cleaning. Just like carpets, it is not easy to remove them and clean. You need to hire professionals who have modern tools that will clean and disinfect the fabric wall.

It is cumbersome and tiring to do fabric wall cleaning because you may lack the best equipment to clean. Just like carpets, it is important to do regular fabric wall cleaning to remove impurities and improve air quality. Working with experts will make sure that they eliminate pollutants such as dust mites, bacteria, microbes, and dust particles.

The following are some of the simple tips that will help you maintain a clean fabric wall

Vacuum and Dust the wall more often

Consider vacuuming your wall regularly to remove dust and dirt from the wall. You can gently brush from top to bottom systematically without missing a spot. You should vacuum your wall at least twice a month to eliminate dust accumulation. When you ignore vacuuming your fabric wall, dust will accumulate and will attract dust mite and bacteria. This will affect the quality of air and it can cause respiratory infection and skin irritation.

Remove Stains as soon as they are formed

It is almost impossible to say that a fabric wall will be free from stains. Stains occur from food, drinks, pens, molds and moisture. Once you see a stain has occurred, it important to attend to it while it is fresh. It is easier to remove a stain when it is fresh as compared to when it has stayed for long. Even moisture stains can become permanent if not dried out quickly. A wet spot will easily attract molds that will cause a more permanent stain.

Other stains from food can be removed immediately by using a detergent on a damp cloth. Always be quick to wipe out and rinse the stain from the fabric wall. Always read the maintenance manual on how to clean the fabric wall because different materials need different types of care.

Regular Fabric Wall Cleaning

If the fabric material is washable, then you can uninstall and wash it at least once a month. Always check the products that are approved by the manufacturer to make sure that the fabric is taken care of. Some detergents may be tough on the fabric and may make them weak.

If the fabric wall cannot be uninstalled, you need to consider hiring experts to do fabric wall cleaning. Some fabrics may be cumbersome to remove and wash because of how they were originally installed. The fabric can still be cleaned without removing it just like carpet cleaning.

Hire a Professional in Fabric Wall Cleaning

There are several benefits for hiring a professional to clean your fabric wall. In addition to regular home cleaning activities, working with professionals will give you the best results. The following are some of the benefits you need to know.

  • Professionals have a vast knowledge of different home fabrics and how to clean them. This will make sure that you gain the best results during cleaning because they have the best equipment and detergents. It is possible to alter your fabric during DIY cleaning because your knowledge is limited.
  • Professionals have the best solutions and cleaning methods. Some of these solutions need to be handled by experts especially chemical and disinfection solutions. In addition, it may be expensive for you to buy the required solutions and cleaning tools. To save your money, work with professionals.
  • Professionals will remove dust mites and allergens from the fabric wall. Daily cleaning routine at home may not be efficient enough to remove allergens and dust mites because you lack the right chemicals. This is why you need to hire experts at least once in a month to disinfect the fabric wall and keep away allergens and dust mites.

Hiring professionals will prolong the life of your fabric wall. Dust, mold and stains reduce the life of fabric because they increase wear and tear. Working with experts will make sure that your fabric is free from dust and molds hence the fabric will last longer.

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